Latest news from the mobile world


In the last couple of days and with the new iPhone5聽announcement i聽wanted to gather the main highlights in one place 馃檪

  • iPhone 5 ( which was announced shall be available next week together with a possible launch of the new iOS6!
  • Details around the app store聽applications –> Total of 700,000 apps available in AppStore, while ~250,000 also ported to iPad
  • battle in the mobile world continues, and few great smartphones put themselves as leaders and competitors to the new iPhone 5:

** HTC One X –聽(4.7” Screen)

** Samsung Galaxy SIII –聽(4.8” Screen)

** LG Optimus G –聽(4.7” Screen)

** Motorola Razr聽Maxx HD –聽(4.7” Screen)

** Sony Xperia S –聽(4.3” Screen)

** Nokia Lumia 920 –聽(4.5” Screen)

Eran Kinsbruner

Windows Phone 8 handsets are starting to pop out


As many anticipated, we are starting to see more and more investment in the new Windows Phone platform, by many OEM’s and not only Nokia which is collaborating for a while with Microsoft.

In this short post, i will list the new upcoming Windows Phone 8 phones which you will soon start to see.


HTC is announcing the launch of its new Windows Phone 8 phone called HTC Accord.

The phone comes with a 1.5 GHZ dual core SnapDragon processor, 4.3 ” Screen, 8 MP camera, External microSD聽card, NFC support, as well rumors says that the phone will have support聽for LTE communication.

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Samsung announced its new ATIV-S聽Windows Phone 8 phone with the following characteristics: Super AmoLed聽4.8 ” Screen, 1.5 GHZ dual core processor, Full HD 8 MP rear camera, with a 1.9 MP front camera. support聽for an external MicroSD card (which is new in the WP platform) and NFC聽support!. The phone which is running the WP8 will support Internet Explorer 10 browser, Mobile Office suite and the new cloud storage service SkyDrive.

The ATIV聽brand actually starts a new line of products by Samsung for WP8 (ATIV Tab 10.1”, ATIV Smart PC and more)

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Nokia which is of course the WP platform pioneer, is also announcing on 2 new phones running WP8聽called Nokia Lumia聽920 and Nokia Lumia 820.

The Nokia Lumia聽920 will come with a 4.5” screen, and the Nokia Lumia 820 with a smaller screen of 4.3”

The news around these 2 phone is about their support in the new PureView camera technology, which for these 2 phones will give a 21 Mega Pixel support.

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As I always state, the mobile world is dynamic and constantly changing, and we are already seeing that even for the new Windows Phone platform the biggest OEM’s are starting to dive in so it will be interesting to see how such change impacts the mobile market, and the existing iOS/Android and the RIM platforms.

From testing perspective we also see variety of new screen sizes which was and will always be a challenge for testers and test automation (Above we mention already 4.3”, 4.5”, 4.8”). Tablets聽for WP8 as you saw above are also starting to be deployed extending this platform market.


Eran Kinsbruner