Latest news from the mobile world


In the last couple of days and with the new iPhone5聽announcement i聽wanted to gather the main highlights in one place 馃檪

  • iPhone 5 ( which was announced shall be available next week together with a possible launch of the new iOS6!
  • Details around the app store聽applications –> Total of 700,000 apps available in AppStore, while ~250,000 also ported to iPad
  • battle in the mobile world continues, and few great smartphones put themselves as leaders and competitors to the new iPhone 5:

** HTC One X –聽(4.7” Screen)

** Samsung Galaxy SIII –聽(4.8” Screen)

** LG Optimus G –聽(4.7” Screen)

** Motorola Razr聽Maxx HD –聽(4.7” Screen)

** Sony Xperia S –聽(4.3” Screen)

** Nokia Lumia 920 –聽(4.5” Screen)

Eran Kinsbruner