Mobile application UI/UX


As we all know, the importance of the mobile application EOU (Ease of use), is crucial in the adoption of the application by the customers.

In this post, i will try to provide you links to the formal UI guidelines which the OS vendors requests to implement and adhere to.

Researches shows that the 30-45 first seconds of experience with the mobile application allows the customer to decide whether to proceed on using it, or searching for an alternative.

The mobile OS vendors provide clear UE/UI/UX guidelines by which the application developers should implement, and later on the testers should follow and also integrate into their testing plans.

Not following these recommendations and often the requirements can cause application rejected by the OS Market (Apple App Store, Android Market and so on).

For Apple IOS – Please follow the below link and make sure you implemented the important guidelines:

For Android:

For Windows Phone:

Please also note, that by following these guidelines, allows the market to have consistent apps which the users can find easy to use, and does not “re-invent the wheel”.

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Eran Kinbruner

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