Perfecto Mobile Introduces Full-Featured, Non-rooted iOS Mobile Testing in the Cloud


I wanted to share with you a fresh announcement from Perfecto Mobile.

Today Perfecto Mobile announced its new technology solution aimed for iOS mobile testing.

This solution enables full-featured remote iOS iPhone and iPad testing in the cloud that is 100% transparent to the device under test with no device rooting (jailbreaking).

With this enhanced and complete solution Perfecto is now able to support any iOS device or version in the MobileCloud(TM) without having to jailbreak the device.

The MobileCloud users can remotely work on any iPhone or iPad, running any iOS version, operating in various carrier networks around the world.

The solution uses a complete non-jailbreak approach with the following benefits:

  • Full device control over native application, web based services and pre-installed iOS applications as well as full springboard control via the cloud with digital video support
  • Remote manual and automated testing, as well as real-device monitoring
  • Fast time-to-market for iOS apps and services with maximum quality and device coverage


Figure 1: Perfecto’s new iOS testing solution for native applications using OCR

For the full press release, please refer to this URL (LINK)



2 Replies to “Perfecto Mobile Introduces Full-Featured, Non-rooted iOS Mobile Testing in the Cloud”

  1. Hi Eran,

    Is this platform support remote uninstalling + installation from build machine?
    launching the app after it?
    monitoring and collecting the device logs?
    re launch the app on crashing?

    1. Hi Shlomi

      We support Remote Install/Uninstall of apps, as well as device logs and device vitals (CPU etc.)
      With regards to re-launch after crashing – this depends on the automation script which you develop, which should catch such event and re-launch the app


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